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About Us
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    ShareChange is a civic-focused, education nonprofit that helps engage students through project-based learning. We prepare college students to run customized programs in and outside high-school classrooms that structure, guide, and support students and educators through civic engagement projects that meaningfully impact their community. Our programs apply systematic problem solving, research methods, and community development principles to evaluate and solve community problems that impact students' lives.

  • Our mission is to strengthen our schools and communities by engaging youth in collaborative problem-solving.

  • As citizens, we must critically reflect on how we relate to our government and each other. A well-functioning democracy requires citizens to understand current social, economic, and political climates, as well as the underlying systems through which they are created, influenced, and sustained.

    We have the responsibility to prepare our students to actively participate in our government; and a participatory democracy is best learned through direct experience, such as service learning.

  • We envision a supportive and collaborative learning environment where youth actively contribute to a healthy, participatory democracy.

  • Service Learning is when students collaborate to apply research methods and problem solving principles in real-world contexts and find creative solutions to community problems. Service learning is well recognized as an effective approach to increase student engagement, as students are able to learn and apply information to issues that are relevant to their lives.

    However, despite often being a graduation requirement, students and teachers find it difficult to find the necessary time, resources, and expertise to complete effective, worthwhile projects.

Our Program

What it looks like


1) Train college students from our Civic Engagement Fellowship to be Program Facilitators


2) Create Program Facilitator teams or pair a Faciliator with a trained HS teacher to run our Service Learning Program (SLP)

3) Run SLP Curriculum in a HS class and guide students through the development of an Action Plan


4) Work with community stakeholders to execute Action Plan and complete Service Learning Project

About Us

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Our Team

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Board of Advisors

  • Stan Choo
    Ameriprise Financial Advisor for Ameriprise/Board of Directors for Kiwanis
  • Nate Hughes
    Specialty Sales
  • Dr. Eric Fein
    Harbor UCLA
    Medical Center
  • Dr. Jackie Kroskrity
    PhD curriculum development/
    Venice High School teacher
  • Dr. Keith Murphy
    Professor UC
  • Carolina Goodman
    Co-Chair of Yes!
    Committee LWVLA